ESG Sustainability Summit 2022

The ESG sustainability summit 2022 took place last Friday at the AH Hotel in East Legon. The event was organized by Discovery Leadership Masterclass in partnership with Tarragon Edge.

Dr. Genevieve posed the question, “How do leaders ensure that ESG sustainability happens the way it should?” A question to serve as a wake-up call to all leaders. She went on to say that ESG sustainability is a major concern outside of Africa. She urged all stakeholders and participants present to spread the word and be the change they seek.


Hon. Dr. Henry Kokofu spoke at the event about “leading environmental change and dealing with business disruptions through an ESG compliance framework.” According to him, ESG has evolved into much more than a responsibility. 

In his speech, he stated that the EPA has the authority, based on its functions and mandate, to co-manage the fiscal environment with other stakeholders, including businesses and all of us. He stated that citizens are responsible for protecting and safeguarding the environment. So, when it comes to environmental governance, which feeds into social and governance systems, everyone is called upon; on the one hand, citizens, and on the other, the government. Speaking of climate change as one of the major environmental conditions we face, he stated that it is not only an environmental issue, but also a threat to our existence and the socioeconomic aspects of life.

Also speaking at the summit on the topic: the role of leadership in building business transitions and change, and coping with sustainability, Dr. Victor Abbey, CEO of V5 Solution and Tarragon Edge consultant, emphasized the criticality of corporate leadership role in the adoption, implementation and promotion of ESG framework towards sustainability of business operations. While stressing on the fact that “everything rises and falls on leadership” especially in the current Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous (V.U.C.A) world, Dr Abbey recommended that corporate leadership effort should at all times be directed at achieving the following:

  •  Enforcement of Environmental Impact Assessment Strategy and Plan in all organizational endeavours.
  •  Effective management of stakeholder relationships.
  •  Adoption and strict adherence to professional corporate governance standards across all levels of the corporate structure.
  •  Promotion of a learning culture within the organization where innovation and creativity towards sustainable operations are encouraged and celebrated.
  •  Adoption and use of environmentally friendly technology for environmental safety.
  •  Training or capacity building of stakeholders across board on the ESG framework to promote
    sustainable operations
  •  Mentorship and succession planning, as only leaders who are equipped to handle a complex, rapidly changing environment can implement reforms that lead to sustained productivity and performance

Dr Patrick Baah-Acquah (PhD), Gave A Heart Warming Speech At Discovery ESG Sustainability Leadership Summit,2022.

Dr.Partrick Baah-Acquah (PhD), the CEO of Central Eagles Limited and Banking)/Finance and leadership consultant blessed this year’s edition of Discovery ESG sustainability Leadership Summit with mind-blowing speech on a topic

‘Repurposing the Business and economic systems to explore the risks and opportunities for resilience and sustainability’

He began by emphasizing how to repurpose business and economic systems in order to investigate the risks and opportunities for resilience and sustainability.

He urged stakeholders that make it to come up with stronger commitments to highlight the opportunities and help minimize the threats associated with ESG. He believes that Ghana is having a lot of youth led innovation and there is a need for us to take personal responsibilities to improve this initiative such as furniture form, replacement of plastic packaging and come out with something revolutionary into our personal life.

Some of the prominent personalities who grace the occasion were Frank Adu Anim(Host), Dr. Genevieve Duncan Obuobi(host), Otto Canon (Speaker), and Hon.Dr. Henry Kokofu, EPA boss

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