Tarragon Edge is passionate about building capacity and providing growth-seeking businesses with the tools to succeed. With a portfolio of resources, a network of seasoned associates and armed with an arsenal of tried and tested solutions, Tarragon Edge will help your business focus on critical success factors. Our services and solutions will help drive performance at  all levels, and build a successful brand for your business.

Business Strategy

We provide critical analysis of your business challenges, and provide the insights and resources that will help you work your way through them.

Business Advisory Services

We guide you through a range of business issues affecting your performance and help you focus on the essential factors that will help you grow

Leadership & Management Training

We offer leadership & management training through our network of global executive partners . Our  tailor-made programs are rewarding, immersive and transformational

International Leadership & Executive Training

We offer international training and executive learning through our network of global executive education partners . Our  tailor-made international programs are rewarding, immersive and transformational

Customer Experience & Brand Awareness Training

We highlight customer experience opportunities within your business, and share with you brand-building insights that will help you connect more meaningfully with your customers

Human Resources

We give your business access to a pool of talent, and help you develop and manage the organisational systems that will help them achieve more