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Sheila Ocloo, a self taught Ghanaian painter and sculptor is known for her impressionistic , yet modern acrylic paintings that capture the world with a dynamic poise. Her soft choice of colors is often complemented with rough backgrounds. The artist's aesthetic choices are mostly realistic and combined with abstract themes,which are very intuitive and rarely reproduced. Her style is nuanced by Love and it's impact to society and world. The personal edge Sheila brings to each paintings alters and enhances recognizable subject matter, cultivating an imaginative and visual experience. She has been married for about 15 years with two children. She has a degree in NURSING WITH PSYCHOLOGY from the University of Ghana . She has an NGO ( The Sheila Ocloo foundation) that supports widows through painting. Her hobbies are playing musical instruments, reading, playing football and writing.

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Sheila is an excellent artist who is very passionate about her craft. I would recommend sheila for anyone looking to see the beauty in arts.
Dr. Genevieve Duncan
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