The Africa-Dubai Investment Business Summit Has Just Ended At The Plush Hotel Raffles, Dubai.

The Event of the year – The Africa-Dubai investment business summit has just ended at the plush Hotel Raffles, Dubai. The key talking points and great call to actions to be taken note of if we are considering – The Future of Global Investments , were on matters of business collaboration, business sustainability considering ESG ,building capacity and building successors for the future were reiterated by all speakers, emphasising the need to be intentional about building collaborative business communities across continents.

Great leaders across the globe, Insightful panel discussion and speaking engagements, level networking platform, B2B businesses, MoU sign offs and Africa-Dubai high level bilateral discussion. Congratulations to the organisers Leaders without Borders Development Centre especially Amb Hillary, Dr Eno Praise, Dr.Blessing, The Private office of Sheikh Ahmed Bin Faisal Al-Qassimi, all partners , Key Speakers, Panelists and Delegates from across the globe who made it possible.

Tarragon Edge Limited is indeed proud to have been a Strategic partner to this successful event.

35 thoughts on “The Africa-Dubai Investment Business Summit Has Just Ended At The Plush Hotel Raffles, Dubai.”

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